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Karate Classes in Superior, CO

Shotokan Martial Art Classes in Superior, CO

Benefit from the unity of body, mind, and spirit with the practice of martial art classes in Superior, CO. At Harambee Karate Club, we offer biweekly karate classes  The style of karate we teach is Shotokan.

The Benefits of Shotokan

Shotokan is a widely practiced martial that combines self-defense with character building and physical exercise. We welcome students as young as 6 years old into the children’s karate classes at our dojo. Of course, we’d like the parents to come along with their youngsters. We offer small group classes, as well as individualized training. 

This form of karate teaches physical fitness, plus physical and mental discipline. However, it offers so much more. This non-violent form of martial arts focuses on the perfection of character, as well as the values of perseverance and faith.

Kids Attending Karate Class

About Our Founder

The founder of our dojo got his start in karate in 1986. He was so committed to this popular form of Japanese karate that he started his own dojo only six years later. In the years in-between and after, he continued his training, demonstrating his love for this form of martial arts. His credentials include:

· Nidan Ranking, 2nd Degree, June 15, 1993

· Sandan Ranking, 3rd Degree, Dec. 19, 1997

·  Karate Judge, D Ranking, September 2001

·  ASKF/JKA Instructor Training, 2003-2008

·   Karate Judge, C Ranking, June 2003

·   Yondan Ranking, 4th Degree, March 13, 2004

·   Certified Instructor, D Ranking, June 2006

·   Certified Examiner, D Ranking, 2008

Contact us today to enroll yourself or your child in one of our karate classes. We proudly serve students in Superior, Colorado, and the surrounding area.