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Karate Classes in Superior, CO

Why Choose Our Karate Club in Superior, CO?

In martial arts, there are no substitutes for technique and dedication. At Harambee Karate Club in Superior, CO, students find a team that offers both. Led by a certified black belt with numerous credentials and founded on the principles of strong character, self-discipline, and perseverance, we are the right choice if you want to instill a lifelong sense of strength and form healthy habits using one of the world’s oldest and most respected techniques. 

We believe that karate is more than fighting. It’s an opportunity to better understand who you are -- and to become who you want to be. This core value, alongside our personalized attention to each student, sets us apart as the definitive destination to learn:

• Trust • Fidelity • Respect  • Self-Confidence  • Peaceful Self-Defense

Meeting You Where You Are 

No matter the student’s age or gender, we provide a thorough learning experience and a community of supportive teachers and fellow practitioners. Working together to sharpen skills and hone a powerful sense of personality that extends far beyond the dojo, we go out of our way to make our techniques accessible. Whether you want to feel safer in your day-to-day life, provide structure for your child, or create a family tradition at a club that welcomes multiple generations, you’ll find the lessons you need with us.

Contact us for more information about our club’s advantages. We proudly serve Superior, CO, and the surrounding areas.